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Local Partnership Between Alive Juices and Breast Cancer Advocacy Organization

Dec 04, 2014 07:28PM
Alive Juices is pleased to announce that they are now partnering with the Tigerlily Foundation, an organization that is committed to educating young women around the world about breast cancer. Alive Juices will be sharing their fresh ayurvedic juices with Tigerlily Foundation’s young breast cancer survivors at local and national events. Together, they will educate young women about the benefits of “mindful” nutrition and promoting a healthy, preventative lifestyle.

According to the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in American women ages 15 to 54. Maimah Karmo created the Tigerlily Foundation in 2006 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32. The Tigerlily Foundation educates, advocates for, empowers and provides hands-on support to young women affected by breast cancer. Their programs provide education, financial assistance, meals and buddies, to young women stricken with this devastating disease.

It is difficult for researchers to draw firm conclusions about nutrition and disease, yet research has given some valuable insight into how diet affects our cancer risks. In fact, diet is thought to be partly responsible for 30 to 40 percent of all cancers.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that women with higher levels of carotenoids in their blood have a lower risk of breast cancer. Carotenoids are organic antioxidant compounds that give some plants their color. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, greens, papaya, bell peppers, and tomatoes are high in carotenoids and found in the Alive Juices. Their partnership with the Tigerlily Foundation will allow this local juice producer to share its passion with young women, breast cancer patients and survivors, knowing that everyone deserves to know about the disease-fighting power of a healthy diet.


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