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Holacracy Taster Workshop in D.C.

Dec 04, 2014 07:22PM
A different way of organizing people and working together is emerging—one in which there are no longer any managers, titles or top-down hierarchies, yet everyone is still given a voice and decisions are made rapidly--just not by consensus, majority or directive. It’s called Holacracy and it has the potential to create a more responsive, conscious and coherent world. A “taster” workshop on Holacracy will be offered in Washington, D.C. (at a location to be shared later, December 4 in the afternoon. This public event is offered on demand around the world to help spread a better way for humanity to get along, get things done and work together for once and for all.  This is the first time Holacracy will be discussed in this area.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you an experiential “taste” of what working with Holacracy looks like. This event is not a training and is not designed to teach any applicable skills. The program includes a brief overview of Holacracy, what it is and how it is structured, a simulation of a “tactical meeting” on how to triage operational issues quickly and reliably and a simulation of a “governance meeting” on how to evolve the organization’s structure to better align the work to the company’s purpose.

Any organizational decision-makers who are interested in getting a “taste” of how Holacracy works are invited to attend.


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