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Energy Healing for Pets

by Sherry Dmytrewycz

Pets, like people, have an energy body as well as a physical body and therefore, respond well to energy healing approaches. Energy healing has proven effective for animals, whether they are emotionally upset, ill, injured, having behavioral issues, are structurally out of alignment or need clearing of negative past experiences that may be affecting their overall well-being.

Pet owners typically need to use their pet’s behavior as a clue that their pet is in need of assistance. Some clues may be as simple as loss of appetite or loss of interest in usual activities or as major as an obvious injury or trauma. There might also be a sudden onset of destructive or anxious behaviors or excessive barking. More subtle clues may involve a recent change in family routines or residence, a new or missing person in the house or unusual physical behaviors.

It is also important to be aware of the particular problems to which the breed of animal may be prone, so the owner can watch and regularly check these areas. For example, poodles may be prone to neck or cervical disc issues, hip dysplasia, ear or eye problems or genetic diseases.

Once you know that the pet needs assistance, consider working with an intuitive energy healer. Much of this kind of work is done as distance healing which means that the animal does not leave the comfort of the home. The energy healer tunes into where the problem areas are and provides healing energies to resolve the issues. During an intuitive energy healing session, the pet may just calmly stay in one place or even fall asleep. All animals are very sensitive and respond quickly to this kind of healing work. Most animal healing sessions last for only an hour but a lot can be accomplished in this amount of time.

Many energy healers use animal communication skills to calm the animal and reassure them that what they are feeling during a session will not do them any harm. One specialty is structural energy alignment which means the healer energetically realigns the vertebrae and joints and does a cranial sacral-type adjustment. There are very few veterinarians trained in chiropractic or cranial sacral work. Structural energy alignment is very much in demand for most animals need alignment.

It is important to note that animals are affected by what is going on with their owners and will often take on the exact same alignment issues, personalities and sometimes even disease of their owners because of their unconditional love for them. It is recommended that owners have some energy work done also, to eliminate some or all of what may be affecting the animal. 

Sherry Dmytrewycz is an intuitive energy healer, with a specialty in structural energy alignment, providing both hands-on and distance healing sessions. For more information visit or call 877-534-5534.

August 2020



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