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Two-Hour Asana Practice and Intention Setting Workshop

Dec 27, 2014 12:36AM
New Year’s Eve is a beautiful opportunity to sit and reflect on the year that has passed, the lessons that were learned and also to set clear goals and intentions for what will manifest in the New Year. Join Nya Alemayhu for a 2-hour practice and intention setting workshop on December 31 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Buddha B Yoga Center in Washington, D.C.

An intention can be seen as a goal to work toward in areas such as physical health, emotional health, career, finances and relationships with yourself and with those around you. It is a chance to start on a clean page or continue on with work you have already been doing. Change in life begins with an intention to change it. Gary Zukav in The Seat of the Soul says, "an intention is not only a desire, it is the use of your will."

The practice will focus on grounding by meditating on the chakras, the seven energy channels in the physical body. Hip opening and heart opening through lunges and backbends be part of the session, ultimately creating space in the body to receive all that is coming in the New Year. There will be time to sit with your thoughts, journal and really connect collectively with those around you. Please bring with journal and a pen.

BuddhaB Yoga is located at 1115 U. St., NW. For more information, visit or 



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