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Research Shows Benefits of Reconnective Healing on Shoulder Movement Restriction

Dec 27, 2014 04:41AM
A study by researchers at the University of Arizona found that people with range of motion limitations—the inability to move without restrictions—may find a considerable source of relief in Reconnective Healing. In a paper published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, scientists determined that a 10-minute session of Reconnective Healing is “significantly more effective than physical therapy.”

The scientists set out to determine if one 10-minute Reconnective Healing session could increase the range of motion and arm elevation of those people with medically-diagnosed shoulder restriction or other range-limiting conditions. Oftentimes, such restrictions are a result of injuries, mastectomies, other surgeries, arthritis or other joint dysfunction. This session with Reconnective Healing was measured against a control group and physical therapy, as well as other modalities. The subjects’ range of motion was documented before and after each treatment session.

The results were definitive: Reconnective Healing yielded more than double the results of physical therapy. Reconnective Healing significantly improved range of motion by an average of 26-degrees in people with restricted shoulder mobility. Physical therapy averaged only a 12-degree improvement.

The findings led the researchers to observe, “The results suggest that it would be beneficial for physical therapists to be trained in Reconnective Healing… as well as physical therapy so that they could reduce the need for manual work on patients, at least in cases of shoulder limitations.”

The study can be reviewed at:

To learn more about Reconnective Healing in this area, contact Joan Fowler at [email protected] or Debbie Spinelli at [email protected]


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