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Bringing New Ways of Healing to Manassas and Beyond: Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

Dec 29, 2014 09:30PM
by Robin Fillmore

Rising Phoenix Holistic Center is a new and welcome addition to historic Manassas City, located just behind the train station. Opening only this past summer, the center has become the hub for many throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area who are seeking new answers to questions on a wide range of topics related to healing, personal growth and spiritual nourishment.

Tracy Causley, the founder and owner of Rising Phoenix Holistic Center, brings years of inquiry, research and training in all fields of energy work, including Reiki. She offered a wide range of healing services in a part-time capacity from her home until last summer when her job as a customer service manager at an educational publishing company was wrapping up. It was clear that all aspects of her life were in alignment to begin a new venture to offer these services full-time from a new location. Within two months of leaving her former job, she had everything in place to open Rising Phoenix Holistic Center, including a team of practitioners and staff to launch the new business.

As a child, Causley’s father was in the U.S. Army, so it was not unusual to experience transitions in her life on a regular basis. She credits this background for changing the trajectory of her life. Having lived all over the United States and the world opened her to new adventures. While in her master’s program for art history in Savannah, Georgia, Causley began managing a metaphysical healing center that gave her the opportunity to nurture some of her long-held interests in finding alternative answers to the great questions posed by the universe. She became trained in Reiki and became an instructor as well. She learned there is a full range of modalities available to those on a path who seek natural healing.

From the comfortable front room where classes and events are held to the healing and spiritual consultation rooms, Rising Phoenix Holistic Center is more like a friend’s living room than a typical business. It is designed to elicit ease, safety and relaxation for those who visit for individual consultations from Causley and other team members, and those who attend regular gatherings, offered by a wide range of healers. There is also a gift shop with candles, incense, books and journals—all the necessary equipment for people seeking enlightenment and personal growth.

The tagline for the center is:  activate – elevate – ignite. “We want to activate healing and well-being with each person. We want to elevate consciousness through education so we offer all different kinds of classes and ignite the spiritual growth and development by expansion. We want people to get excited about self-discovery,” notes Causley.

Each week, there is a full schedule of classes and events offered including: A Course in Miracles, qi gong, palmistry 101, harmonic healing meditations, sacred geometry and even arm knitting, just to name a few. Causley and a few other practitioners offer energy healing treatments, Reiki, therapy through the lens of angels and hypnotherapy. When anyone comes to the center to see help, they are offered a free 20-minute consultation for Causley to determine if there is a practitioner who meets the needs of the question posed.

Being there for the community is the goal of Causley and her team. They repeatedly hear words of praise for bringing alternative modes of thinking to the area and stay finely tuned to the desires for additional classes that meet the needs of their growing band of fans.

 To learn more about Rising Phoenix Holistic Center and to see a list of their classes,visit


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