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Connecting People to Their Own Healing: the Work of Laura Freix

Jan 27, 2015 04:16PM
Laura Freix, a local wellness practitioner and owner of iEmbrace Wellness in Centreville, Virginia, has a vision:  “embrace what is, and focus on what’s possible” when it comes to health and healing. Her mission is to empower and educate her clients on the mind-body connection primarily through the use of an energy healing system called Accunect. This system is invaluable for anyone wishing to incorporate new tools in their own toolbox of healing. She has been transforming the lives of many who come to her for private sessions or attend her Accunect SelfCare workshops. “I teach self-care classes. It allows people to get introduced to energy work—they learn techniques that they can use on themselves, their family and friends and even their pets. The tools are safe and noninvasive and very empowering. Once you learn the techniques, they are always available to you,” states Freix. Accunect is based on core principles of Chinese medicine, focusing on the idea that the body is capable of healing when in balance. Rather than using the terminology of disease, healing comes in the form of re-establishing balance between the various systems of the body. This is a paradigm shift from those used to working within the allopathic model. For example, a patient struggling with thyroid cancer, a frozen shoulder, relationship issues and a root canal, may seek the perspective of different Western medicine providers for each isolated condition. In Chinese medicine, these symptoms are related through the water element and could be approached in such a way that addresses them as a comprehensive re-balancing of bodily functions. According to Freix, “the body cannot heal when it is in stress mode, because it is not allocating resources to digestion, immune function or healing. The goal is to identify the shifts that will move the body out of stress mode and into a more balanced that state.” The balancing is accomplished using simple tapping techniques that activate the nervous system as well as the acupuncture meridian system. Using a Health Map and muscle checking, the Accunect practitioner is able to discern which areas of the bodymind are ready to shift. “All healing has its time, but because we are focused on what is ready to shift,” Freix adds, “the results are generally powerful and long-lasting.”             Consciousness is another key aspect of Chinese medicine that is incorporated into the Accunect system. Each organ and meridian pair has a distinct personality that relates to the organ’s physical function in the body. Understanding these relationships increases ones awareness of how things are connected. Belief systems are also addressed during an Accunect session. “When that belief comes up, that means your body knows it isn’t serving you and is ready to shift which allows for balance to be restored—either completely or allowing for the layers to begin to be removed.” Freix credits a deep connection to sourceas another defining feature of Accunect. All balances are done with this connection in mind. One client (who became a student of Accunect as well) recently wrote “Thank you for the gift of Accunect in my life and for the lovely healing sessions you offer. It has meant so much to me to have a supportive, caring and nurturing space to grow and remember my connection to the divine.” Accunect was developed by Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, a licensed acupuncture physician, Oriental bodywork therapist and energy medicine healer, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of health care. Ka’imi has traveled the world to teach and train more than 6,000 practitioners and treat more than 25,000 clients. The biggest gift he brings to this work is ability to distill complex concepts down to their essence, which makes him a very engaging instructor, whose system is incredibly accessible to all because of its innate simplicity. He is coming to the Virginia Beach area to teach Accunect Ancient Wisdom as a weekend seminar at the end of February.  To learn more about Freix’s work, her SelfCare Workshop on February 21 or Ka’imi’s weekend training February 27 to March 1, visit or contact her at [email protected]


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