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Meditation: How I am Changed Forever

Jan 29, 2015 03:48AM
By Susan Ald

Meditation is changing the human mind to the infinite Universe mind. The human mind is an accumulation of pictures of past experiences that have been imprinted into the mind. One popular form of meditation, known as Maum Meditation, is based on the understanding that these pictures create emotions, feelings, negative thoughts, attitude, action and behavior. When you do a seven-step method of subtraction that is part of Maum Mediation’s practices, the meditator becomes the Universe mind which is great liberation, true happiness and peace.

Maum meditation method is found in 340 meditation centers worldwide and 40 centers in the United States alone. The guided meditation follows a logical and constructive method of subtraction, to shed the mind of the pictures that stifle it. With time and patience, change awaits for anyone who learns this method. Here is a story about Maum Meditation by Susan Ald, a teacher from Bayside, New York.

Through my many years, I have had many losses, hurts and disappointments. Yet, I managed to keep going, always believing that I would make it through. But little did I know, I kept losing myself through frustration, pain, despair worry and anxiety. I never believed we were here on earth to struggle and fight through so many obstacles. Yet that was the path I was on.

I tried endless approaches to be free of all my conflict: tai chi, yoga, self-help seminars, books, writings, acupuncture, hypnosis, spiritual clubs, western meditation, extensive travels, volunteer work, exercise, dance, crafts, etc. I did find some relief, but, always temporary. The ups and downs became exhausting.

Through all my accomplishments as a teacher, head of small businesses, a spiritual counselor, a healer, hospice volunteer, the fulfillment and joy were short lived. No matter where I turned I felt lost.

More often than not, I always felt I was missing something: always searching only to discover that I was going around in circles. How could I enjoy the present when my past obstacles were pulling me back? How could I enjoy the present when I was living with fears of the future? I was stuck right in the middle feeling imprisoned.

A year ago, this meditation found me. At the time I didn’t know that a pamphlet left in a store would change my life forever. I was no longer experiencing endless stress. My health started to improve. Life became not only easier, but, also more peaceful and joyful. Most important, I was no longer lost. I was given direction and guidance to finally be free and be the “me” I was supposed to be. I have finally found my passion. I now have purpose and direction. This meditation is the answer to my prayers.


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