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Washington Waldorf Offers New “Waldorf in the Woods” Program

Jan 30, 2015 09:11AM
            In an era when young children are increasingly being pushed into early academics, many educators are pointing to the value of play, especially the value of playing outdoors, for young learners. Indeed there is a growing “nature deficit” among young children, with harmful consequences for long-term development. Children need to play and they love to play outside.

Outdoor kindergartens are increasingly common in Europe and are beginning to pop up in the U.S. The Washington Waldorf School, located in Bethesda, will be launching a new “Waldorf in the Woods” program for fall 2015 for children ages 4 through 6—the first in the greater D.C. area. While working out of the same principles as indoor Waldorf classes, the woods class will give children more of an opportunity to be in nature and experience the wonders of the seasons.

Each class will be led by two trained Waldorf teachers, and will include walks, snack, free play, building projects, sawing wood, gardening and the like. Classes will be held outside except in the event of severe weather. The key to enjoying the class will be having the proper clothing that keeps the child warm and dry. The area around the Waldorf School provides varied outdoor environments for children to explore, even though they will never be far from the school and an indoor space will be available if needed.

For more information contact Enrollment Director, Lezlie Lawson at 301-229-6107 x154 or at [email protected], or visit:


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