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Oneness-Family School Offers Parent Tours, Montessori and Mindfulness for Children

Jan 30, 2015 08:12AM
Area parents are invited to Oneness-Family School on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. to learn about the school’s time-tested Montessori and mindfulness curricula that sustain each child’s optimal development from age two through middle school. This local international school uses the term “peace academy” to describe how its emphasis on individual learning, both academic and social, respects each child’s uniqueness and cultivates a sense of meaning and connection to the community and the world.

True to the Montessori method, Oneness-Family students advance at each level by mastering skills and topics that include academics, athletics and the arts, and yet with the inclusion of social and emotional learning in equal measure. Each classroom features a quiet peace corner and age appropriate training in meditation, conflict resolution and yoga that equip the students with ways to self-calm, exercise leadership, draw on support, and collaborate in small and large groups. The school offers the only Montessori-based middle school program in the region.

Oneness-Family School draws upon the many natural and cultural resources of the metro D.C. area. It values diversity and community and parents enjoy the experience of partnership with faculty and administration to raise and educate their children for inner and outer success.

Location: 6701 Wisconsin Avenue in Chevy Chase and is accessible by public transportation. For more info, visit or contact Chris McLeod at 301-652-7751 or [email protected]



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