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DaoCloud has Launched

Feb 26, 2015 10:00PM
A few years back, social entrepreneurs Eric Green and Max Coleman were studying at the University of Maryland when they found they had a life-changing experience in common. After suffering through years of chronic illnesses that conventional medicine failed to reverse, they had both turned to diet and lifestyle improvements and were able to fully recover their health. These shared experiences inspired Green and Coleman to partner with a team of software developers and create a new social wellness network called DaoCloud so others could readily take charge of their health needs. In the early stages, wellness professionals around the D.C. metro area receive incentives to join the network and it is now being rolled out to 170 regions nationwide.

Green and Coleman want to support the global health care shift toward self-care, where people are empowered by technology to improve their own health, and health care providers are seen as guides and resources instead of authorities or decision-makers. Those who already align with this philosophy are commonly called wellness professionals, and they rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals for new clients.

DaoCloud provides a secure, online platform for wellness enthusiasts to find and share trusted resources that improve their health and for wellness professionals to connect with clients and colleagues, and amplify word-of-mouth through their network. Wellness professionals pay a modest annual fee to join and the service is free to individual members.

“We believe DaoCloud will lower barriers to wellness by increasing people’s access to self-education,” says Green. The two partners will soon be launching an affiliate program to reward people for growing the network.

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