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How a Fish Tale Can Help You Regain Your Health

Feb 26, 2015 09:17PM
by Dr. Craig Sanford

Charlie was an average goldfish, living in an average aquarium with a not-so-average of a tale to tell. You see, Charlie did swim about most of his days—having fun, eating and growing quite large as all goldfish do. However, one day he began to look a little green around the gills and just didn’t feel his regular self. As a matter of fact, he began to lay about the bottom of his aquarium and kept his swimming to a minimum.

Food didn’t taste the same to him and he would often did not eat at all. Sometime when his owner would approach his aquarium, Charlie would become startled and begin thrashing about nervously as if he were being chased. His owner was very concerned and thought his behavior to be quite strange and immediately sought help.

He first took Charlie to a psychiatrist, thinking he might be depressed. The doctor enrolled him in counseling but after several weeks, he still lay sadly at the bottom of his tank. So he was prescribed antidepressants but this appeared to have little effect.

Next he was given a full physical and laboratory work up. The tests and physical showed he had high blood pressure, cholesterol, a possible infection and a sleeping disorder. He was immediately placed on several medications which appeared to have a stabilizing effect on his condition. Even though he wasn’t quite his old self, Charlie’s owner thought this was better than nothing. Besides, the doctors told him this was normal and nearly everyone took several medications to feel better and that this was the best science had to offer.

Charlie’s life was not perfect but it was an improvement over his past condition. Of course, some days where better than other. One day, a friend had come over to visit Charlie’s owner and noticed Charlie in his aquarium. He was told the whole story about Charlie’s condition. Now this person was a well-educated in the ways of natural health and could see things were not right with Charlie as well as his environment. He suggested that Charlie was a victim of toxicity and that if this was taken into account all his illnesses would soon pass.

So they began the detoxification process by changing Charlie’s water more frequently, replacing the aquarium’s filter and carefully monitoring his food intake. This allowed Charlie’s body to properly eliminate toxins and improve its function. Before long, Charlie began acting like his old self again and was able to stop taking all of the medications. You see, Charlie had been swimming in a toxic soup which had caused ill effects to his health.

This is not too different from what humans are currently living in—as the industrial age has spread chemicals and toxins into our foods and environment. Like Charlie, we are living in a toxic soup. This has been made worse by smoking, vaccinations, mercury amalgams, high stress, eating a processed food diet—high in sugars and low in nutrition—and living in an environment high in Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from cellphone towers. This is not good for humans or fish.

Like Charlie’s owner, it is wise to consider a detoxification program that includes internal health as well as external factors. To rid the body of so many toxins, a thorough detoxification program cannot successfully be completed in a few days or a week, but may need to be undertaken several months or longer to achieve the needed result. Proper detoxification and lifestyle changes helped Charlie and they can help you too.

Dr. Craig Sanford has been practicing for 26 years and has practices in McLean and Woodbridge, Virginia. To learn more about him, visit


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