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Beth Lindley: Bringing Health and Wellness to a Corporate Kitchen Near You

Beth Lindley is on a mission to bring healthy eating and wellness to area businesses and their employees in an innovative way—through their corporate kitchen. Most offices have a designated space for employees to warm up their prepared meals or gather around a table to share the midday meal—many times eating unhealthy fast food. Lindley’s unique approach is to provide corporate kitchen makeovers and coaching so that all the employees will benefit and the business will save money in healthcare costs.

Average health care costs per employee rose from$6,384 in 2003 to $7,800 in 2008 and are estimated to rise to $13,000 per employee by 2018, according to a 2009 U.S. Government Social Security Advisory Board Report. Lindley’s unique solution is to prescribe a personalized, high-touch comprehensive wellness program, focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Through a consultative approach, she gets to know the company, including its structure and the employees, and then offers the company recommendations developed specifically for that company and its employees. “If your team is not performing at its best because they are currently running on coffee and chocolate bars, there’s hope,” suggests Lindley.

Specifically, she offers assessments to identify the businesses specific needs, customized lunch and learns, coaching packages to meet the needs of specific populations, incentive programs to motivate staff to participate and modify their behaviors, as well as her company kitchen makeovers.

Lindley has established a specific methodology for progressive companies to transform their kitchens into health conscious havens that fuel their profit and support their mission. As part of her program, she makes available as a free gift, a handbook and step-by-step company kitchen makeover plan that gets managers and directors, along with their teams, started. She offers personalized kitchen makeovers for employees, as well.

The types of wellness programs she offers are specifically tied to cost savings for the company and greater energy, focus and strength for every employee. She offers disease-prevention programs and medical self-care training, which shows employees how to use essential oils and other natural remedies to treat health concerns, thus preventing unnecessary emergency room or doctor’s visits. Employees are provided with a medical self-care booklet to use as a reference.

Lindley offers nutrition education and workshops on how to prepare quick, easy and fresh, unprocessed and unpackaged breakfasts, lunches, snacks and drinks that make use of the businesses’ own kitchen facilities. Finally, she offers mental health programs that enable employees and teams to deal with anxiety, stress and depression—all of which make the work environment challenging.

When making recommendations, she considers not only the needs of the employee population, but also the businesses’ current wellness strategy. She will work with the company’s insurer and health care consultant to make an existing wellness program even better, by bringing new tools to integrate into or compliment the good programs that may already be working.

The results of Lindley’s work support personal health and the company’s bottom line. Research has shown that a return on investment of at least $3 for every dollar spent on a comprehensive wellness program comes back to the company. There are fewer doctor’s visits and a reduction in unnecessary health care utilization. Disease prevention happens automatically through Lindley’s teaching, benefiting family and friends, as well, making happier employees and more productive teams.

To find out how to bring Lindley’s services to your company or business, call 202-285-8191 or email [email protected]

May 2020



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