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Terri Neff Metin: A Partner in Transforming Lives and Homes

Feb 27, 2015 01:21AM
When a potential homebuyer or seller meets Terri Neff Metin for the first time, they quickly notice that they have encountered a mighty force who has the potential of making so many of their dreams come true. Metin has been a leading Realtor in this area for a number of years, helping her clients to understand the process of buying or selling the most expensive possession in their lives – their homes.

She stands alongside and coaches them as they consider all the necessary steps to make a beloved dwelling of many years into a showpiece to potential buyers. Likewise, she will sit for hours to discuss the perceived needs with a new home purchaser and help them discern the best options in a thriving housing market. To Metin, her work is a vocation where she uses her gifts to help people move from one place to another—literally with the sale or purchase of their home and figuratively with assistance in all the transitions that may come up as the result of a sale.

Metin approaches client relationships with great care and understanding that the bond formed between this newly-formed team of Realtor and buyers or seller offers profound wisdom for all parties involved. She notes, “I treat every person – I believe in my heart – with integrity. Each one is before me to teach me something.” In turn, she uses her extensive knowledge of the greater Washington, D.C. area and her background in architecture and interior design to help sellers redefine their homes into a harmonious, inviting dwelling –helping them rework and reimagine spaces and then staging the home to enhance a sense of balance and calm. To Metin, a house is an organic structure that breathes life into a family, but it needs tending so that it can become a nurturing space.

Even though current buyers have many online options to see houses, the role of the Realtor is still vitally important to the process. Metin notes that Realtors are needed to arrange visits of prospective properties, and then when the time comes, to handle the delicate negotiations and purchasing process that is highly regulated and full of potential landmines for the buyer. Metin, a devout practitioner of yoga and meditation, brings her personal training into interactions with clients, helping them to find calm in the face of potential challenges and other unwelcome news.

The deep desire to serve her clients is borne out of Metin’s childhood, as the daughter of a highly respected dentist and Georgetown Dental School professor. She learned the values of hard work and going miles above what is expected from her father, whom she names as her inspiration. From her mother, she learned values of listening that each person, regardless of his or her background, has a voice that is worthy of understanding. For years, Metin and her family operated a local catering company in Georgetown and served foreign dignitaries with the same determined effort that she now brings to her real estate clients.

Prior to opening the catering business, Metin honed her design and interior architecture skills by designing everything from basic condos to palaces throughout the world, and even worked with a yachting design team in Annapolis. The opportunity to travel and be immersed in different cultures has helped her to understand that the limitations people face – in life or in buying a house—are many times, self-imposed. Her role, as a team member in the buying and selling process, is to expand those limitations so that the clients’ dreams might be first identified and then fully realized.

For more information about Terri Neff Metin, visit, email [email protected] or call 202-256-2163. 


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