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Spring Women’s Health & Thermography Clinic

Mar 27, 2015 04:18PM
A women’s health and thermography clinic will be offered at Neck, Back and Beyond from May 1 to 4. They are also offering a free women’s health seminar and movie on April 30 in Fairfax.

Neck, Back and Beyond is an integrated wellness center dedicated to helping their patients attain optimal health through prevention and the promotion of improved lifestyle choices. They offer a variety of therapies based on natural healing principles, including acupuncture, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, colon hydrotherapy and nutritional consultations for a balanced food plan and detoxification protocols. They also have a number of bodywork and soft tissue treatments (Thai and deep tissue massage and reflexology) designed for deeper healing. Many of their therapists use energy healing and mindfulness techniques to aid in creating a calmer, more centered life.

They hold a thermography clinic biannually in their Fairfax office under the guidance of Donna Marie Scippa RN,NP, CTT.  Scrippa has been a nurse practitioner in women's health for more than 29 years and is certified in Thermography through I.A.C.T.  Her passion is focused on breast health and she has specialized in breast thermography for over 10 years.

Through nursing, thermography and a variety of certifications in various alternative healing modalities such as massage therapy, kinesiology and bio-feedback, Scippa is skilled in helping women understand and focus on their particular health needs.  Thermography is a wonderful noninvasive procedure designed to give women a better understanding of their breast physiology, the tools to reverse imbalances and the opportunity to create vibrant health.

For more detailed information about thermography, read Scrippa’s article.

Thermography appointments are available from Neck, Back and Beyond by contacting or visiting their website at NeckBackAndBeyond.










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