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With Acupuncture and Chiropractic: Dr. Rotella Helps Solve Patient’s Health Puzzles

by Robin Fillmore

Maryjoyce Rotella is a doctor who wears a number of different hats. For many patients, she is a chiropractor who offers adjustment for back and neck pain. For others, she represents great hope in dealing with fertility issues as she treats them as an acupuncturist. For others, she is the trusted medical professional who can offer relief for hay fever and other allergies, so prevalent in this area—and for one young patient, Dr. Rotella is lovingly referred to as the “tickle doctor.”

She recently opened her practice in this area after being a successful practitioner for almost 20 years in different areas such as northeast Pennsylvania, New York and Missouri. From her office in Burtonsville, Maryland, she sees a steady stream of patients who know that her vast experience and gentle nature will ultimately provide them with relief. While there is no typical patient, Rotella’s patients come to her with allergies, fertility problems, pain management, digestive issues and acid reflux, sleeping concerns as well as the common cold—just to name a few.

What is amazing about Rotella is her depth and breadth of training in the fields of acupuncture, chiropractic and Chinese herbs. With this comprehensive background, she provides patients with a range of options when seeking treatment. Most practitioners invest their time and precious finances in school for just one of these fields. Rotella received her initial postgraduate degree in chiropractic, fueled by her desire to study the body and explore a truth she learned early in her training—that the body has the capacity to heal itself.

She notes, “Our Western Medicine is important—to deal with diseases, but there are so many people who fall through the cracks. They aren’t in the disease process yet but they are not well either. I thought it would be great to help those people.” For more than 2,000 years, Eastern Medicine has provided relief. Rotella proudly carries on these traditions in her own practice.

When she first started as a chiropractor in Missouri, Rotella took the minimal training (only 100 hours) required to use acupuncture techniques in that state under her chiropractic license. When she moved to Long Island, New York, the requirement to practice acupuncture was a master’s degree, involving more than 3,000 hours of education and clinical hours.

With the help of a supportive husband, Rotella went back for three more years of school so that she could earn her master’s in acupuncture and receive training in Chinese herbs. She notes, “I couldn’t see treating people without needles after witnessing how it helped my patients when I was in Missouri. I just couldn’t fathom practicing without this technique.”

The blend of her techniques, which also shows a balancing of Eastern and Western Medicine, offers a significant advantage to her patients. A typical patient may not share to her acupuncturist she is suffering from neck pain, but would tell that to a chiropractor. Likewise, a patient may not discuss his allergy symptoms with his chiropractor, but these seemingly disparate conditions may have a common source in the body system. The ability of Rotella to put the various pieces of the patient’s health puzzle together has been of great help to many—including patients who had tried every other option without success.

Rotella also brings a bit of the Missouri Ozark Mountains to her practice in the form of herbs, extracts and formulas organically grown or wildcrafted from Teeter Creek Farm. She offers their nutritional supplements and tinctures, as well as her own blends from Teeter Creek herbs. For Rotella, knowing the source of the herbs, the farmer and having had the chance to walk the lands that are the source of the herbs is an important component in the healing process for all her patients. She also uses many other techniques and products, such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, whole food supplements and vitamins tailored to fit the specific need of each patient.

Dr. Rotella also takes time to share her knowledge with others—as a professor at two different online universities. Through teaching, she has the opportunity to engage students on a different level and encourages them to be just as curious about health and healing as she is.

For more information about Dr. Rotella, visit her at

May 2020



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