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Seeking Home: An Interview with Terri Neff Metin

Mar 27, 2015 07:34PM
After growing up in Georgetown and traveling throughout the world, Realtor and designer Terri Neff Metin helps transitioning individuals and families sell or find new homes. She approaches this noble work with a deep sense of calling and service, helping her clients learn not only about real estate but also learning about themselves in the process.

In an interview with Natural Awakenings publisher, Robin Fillmore, Metin shared her thoughts on limitations, purpose, home and this great city of ours.

What are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about creating a more focused life for me and my clients. We all have the tendency of accepting our surroundings as the parameters for our vision and goals. As I communicate with people, I work with them to open and release their fears—to loosen their limitations so they can recognize that the universe of their world is a really big place and starts inside of them. If you see yourself as limitless – that we are all connected to each other – then you can relax a little.

How does that passion extend to your work with clients?

As I work with clients, I like to see how they live. It gives me an expanded view of my reality and theirs, and presents more as an opportunity to build our relationship. I am there with them from the day we start working to the day they tell me not to. They don’t have to worry. I tell them: “You can trust yourself and you can trust the decisions you are going to make. We will take our time and won’t be making our decisions out of fear. We are going to operate in love.”

Their castle, their cocoon, their salvation where they go home at night – maybe that’s where they lost a child or birthed a child. Home becomes, very insidiously, like our armor. We have to help them gently remove it, shine it up, dust it off and get it ready for the next person.

We look at the basics. Do we need to paint? Do we need caulking? Do we need new carpet? Every single person who walks through the door has an expectation. I can’t tell you what that is but we need to prepare the home so that it is clean, uncluttered with as little personal material so that the new buyer will identify with it. Your home can’t be your museum of your stuff. We want them to see the home as the place of their hopes, their dreams—where they are going to grow their family.

Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose?

I don’t ever doubt that—God takes every one of us where we need to go. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, like five of her sisters. They grew up very poor and she left high school at the age of 14 to work for the telephone company in the big city. She was in her 50s when she got breast cancer, yet every day she would wake up happy. She would be smiling and never complained. And I never saw my father sit home a day either. Both of them approached life from a very simple standpoint. Get up, get a shower and get out there and serve your purpose – whatever that is.

I have been so lucky and I am so excited about the future. A mom of two and another teenager who lives with us, plus a 29-year-old stepson who stops in. They all teach me so much. I am blessed to have several generations of knowledge that are constantly feeding me. I am extremely passionate about what I do. Every day is a new opportunity and you just don’t know where it is going to take you or teach you.

What do you love about D.C.?

Washington, D.C. has the capacity of being the greatest city on the planet. We are educated and have the most capable people in the country living here. We just need to be smart enough to start talking to each other.

There are so many close-knit but diversified communities so no one is stuck. You can walk into any restaurant in the city and hear 10 different languages at one time. I love that.

For more information, contact her at 202-256-2163 or [email protected]

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