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Depression and Meditation

Mar 27, 2015 07:13PM
By Kristine Kim

Depression is thought to be one of the most common conditions that people have today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people are suffering from depression but surprisingly, less than 10 percent receive the treatments for depression.

Depression may be so common that most people do not consider it a mental disorder. Due to the stresses from the life (from work to dealing with others) and a lifestyle that seems to revolve around money and material items, many people tend to get trapped into their own “self”, rather than focusing on their true soul and spirit. Moreover, depression is becoming increasingly apparent and serious that it is often regarded as a social problem.

When viewed through the lens of Maum Meditation, it can be pointed out that throughout their lives, humans accumulate “false pictures” (otherwise known as “the false mind”). For example, a child that has grown up in negative family environment with parents that constantly fought, would have taken “pictures” of what they saw and heard and stored it into his or her mind. The child may then generate feelings resentment, and with time, those emotions would then manifest into hatred, fear anger, and maybe even depression.

Meditation is very effective in dealing with disorders like depression. Maum Meditation offers easy meditation techniques, even for a complete beginners, allowing practitioners the ability to see past “the false mind” and find relief. The first step is a logical one—to remove the negative minds have been added into the mind, therefore the solution is to do the opposite and subtract those minds.

Kristine Kim is the director of Rockville Meditation Center. For more information about Maum Meditation, visit

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