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Stress and Meditation

Apr 29, 2015 09:33AM
by Kristine Kim

The most noticeable benefit people experience through meditation is stress reduction. The complete elimination of stress can be found by discarding the stresses from the mind. The pictures we accumulate in our minds dictate us to think, behave and talk in a certain way. Although we do not wish to be controlled by this, we are programmed by our thoughts.

Also, our minds are overflowing with thoughts in our head; thinking back and forth about the past and future, rarely staying in the present moment. When something important is coming up in the near future, we may start to worry or get anxious about it, just we do with the past. For example, an embarrassing moment may continue to replay in the mind and cause us to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Having countless thoughts while never giving the mind a rest may cause heavy stress. In severe cases, one might suffer from physical or psychological symptoms of stress such as a loss or increase of appetite, obesity, insomnia or depression.

How can this meditation help one with dealing with such problems? Meditation can teach a method of subtracting the pictures. The pictures are just an accumulation of the false mind, in which we think exists. However, because they are not of the true nature, they can disappear in meditation, including the subtraction method, found in meditation.

Whether it is finding peace within oneself, within the family, workplace or community, when we become one with the world first, then the whole world can become one and coexistence can be accomplished.

Kristine Kim is the director of the Rockville Meditation Center. For more information, visit



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