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Apr 29, 2015 07:37AM
By Laina Poulakos

Dandelion is so much more than just a tiny yellow weed. It actually can benefit health in many different ways. Even though dandelion is often regarded as a garden nuisance, the many health benefits attributed to it may lead us to let it grow.

This flowering plant is rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, and B-complex vitamins just to name a few. It has been used for its medicinal properties for hundreds of years. It is a powerful diuretic, and has been used in regulating heart rhythms and aiding in treating high blood pressure. It is also useful in treating anemia due to its high iron content. Recent studies have found that its ability to regulate blood sugar may help in the treatment of diabetes. Dandelion can enhance liver and gall bladder functions, which makes it an excellent detoxifier due to its high content of lecithin.

All parts of the dandelion plant are edible. You can consume the leaf in a salad or sautéed in your favorite meal. Dandelion tea and coffee are a healthy substitute for your regular morning or afternoon pick me up.

Next time you think of these yellow, flowering plants as pesky, think again, they are actually quite good for you. Dandelions are the weed you should eat.

Laina Poulakos is a mother of five children with certifications in aromatherapy and herbology. Visit: or call 703-851-0087. Her experiences in life are an opportunity to continue learning and sharing information with her family and friends.


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