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Holistic Approaches to Orthodontics

Apr 30, 2015 11:04AM
Many parents think that braces are a necessary part of growing up. But what if a crowded palate is actually a cry out for other intervention that can optimize health and wellness?  Dr. James Bronson and his son, Dr. Alex Bronson, have a whole-body approach to dental health. Both doctors will be addressing Holistic Moms Network Arlington/Alexandria chapter at a special daytime meeting at 10:30 a.m. on May 14 in Arlington.

They consider how parents’ diets pre-conception and during pregnancy have affected a child’s health, how nursing, bottle-feeding and early solids feeding impacted development of mouth muscles and palate and how food sensitivities affect breathing, which in turn affects dental health, especially if congestion leads to mouth-breathing.

The tool they use for expanding the space in a mouth of crowded teeth is the Advanced Light Force (ALF) or Advanced Light-wire Functional. The wire puts gentle force on the teeth to allow for more space. The appliance can help children and adults alike; although duration is shorter with younger patients. Dr. Alex had braces—and terrible headaches—for several years before his father discovered the ALF, which both doctors now wear. All are invited to join this special presentation.

Location: Arlington Central Library, 1015 N. Quincy St., Arlington.  For more information, visit

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