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By Sam Hudgins

Websites have become an integral part of how we connect to the world but many people are still unsure how best to utilize and benefit from them. This is where VonHosting, a webhosting and website development company, finds its purpose. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Nicholas Smith sums up the company’s mission statement as “[working] with clients to present their best to the virtual world, whether it is a personal website or a business website. We don’t succeed unless our clients do.”

VonHosting focuses on website hosting but offers the corresponding services of website development, WordPress firewall setup, WordPress website backups as well as search engine optimization (SEO). What makes VonHosting stand out as a webhosting company, however, is their focus on the client’s needs.

The company’s slogan is “Let’s make WebHosting personal,” and they mean it. For instance, understanding that innovative thinking and technology benefit everyone, VonHosting has website hosting packages for a variety of users. According to, these packages include “job seekers, students, personal and business.” In fact, they care so much about their clients they offer up to three months free webhosting for those seeking jobs to publish their portfolio.

Aside from giving their clients a personal connection, VonHosting gives clients peace of mind. Most obviously, clients are comforted by the security VonHosting can bring to their website through firewall setups. However, VonHosting also takes pride in the comfort they give customers by helping them overcome mental hurdles on how to market themselves or their brand. VonHosting knows that a website is a great marketing tool and shows their clients how to best show off their skills to the digital world.

Perhaps the most important thing the company does is to give their clients a sense of balance. When used correctly, technology can, as Mr. Smith notes “free up time to pursue higher level cognitive tasks that are likely to bring a certain sense of meaning and well-being to an individual.”

VonHosting is a company that knows how to use the Internet correctly and should any problems arise they offer 24/7 email support with prompt responses. Additionally, their website offers the helpful features of blog posts answering questions on webhosting, a search engine for domain availability and a secured access client area.

Another way in which VonHosting offers balance to the world is their pursuit of closing the digital divide, which is the inequality or inability of some to access the Internet due to financial hardship. A portion of VonHosting’s profits are donated to organizations that work toward bridging the divide between those who have access to the Internet and technology in general and those who do not.

The Internet is an important tool for marketing oneself and one’s business. Also, using technology wisely can streamline work, leaving more time to better pursuits. VonHosting understands both these ideas and combines them to form a personalized webhosting company that can help create a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle and business.

To connect with VonHosting, visit their website at or email them at [email protected]

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