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Why Natural Birth

Apr 30, 2015 09:39AM
By Peggy Franklin

Why Natural Birth? That is a good question, then again, why not? Natural birth is aligned with nature. It is the gold standard—it is physiological birth. It is what happens when birthing mothers are healthy and allow their body to perform its magic.

Like winter becomes spring, the sun rises and seeds grow. Pregnancy and birth are what happens without our help. Natural birth avoids the dangers of unnecessary interventions, more cesareans, delayed breast-feeding and interruption of early bonding. Natural birth promotes delayed cord clamping, early breast-feeding and supports mother-baby skin to skin time.

Life is not like a notebook with dividers that separate our various roles or diagnosis—each separate and treated independently. Our lives are a blend of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions and needs.

Why natural birth? Because natural birth is the best way to begin a healthy life, it is holistic yet recognizes individual uniqueness and allows for variations of normal within its incredibly reliable structure and patterns. Natural birth is simply the best choice for healthy women.

Peggy Franklin, CPM, is a licensed midwife and founder of the NOVA Natural Birth Center, located at 4200 A Technology ct.,Chantilly. For more information, visit


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