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Wintergreen Organics & Naturals Delivers Local Goodness To Your Doorstep

By Robin Fillmore

The person who coined the phrase, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” quite possibly wrote that after watching Zana Zeches, owner of Wintergreen Organics & Naturals in motion. She is a woman on the move, who spends her days getting local, organic and natural produce from farms in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania delivered to the doorsteps and offices of metro D.C. residents, every week, 12 months a year.

Her love of wholesome and nutritious food, such as tomatoes and peaches like her grandmother grew in the backyard, plus a culinary background led her to launch Wintergreen Organics in 2012. After working at an organic farm in Warrenton, Virginia, as their business developer for a number of years, she launched her home delivery service after spending time cultivating relationships with area growers. It was important that she learn from each farm not only what they grew, but also how they grew it. By 2013, the deliveries began. She currently services areas throughout the greater metropolitan area and is looking in increase her scope.

All of her produce and other food items are mainly local, which is what separates her from many of the larger delivery services in this area. In addition to her weekly produce boxes, she has launched into delivering organic and natural meats, sustainable seafood, farm fresh eggs, coffee and teas, and will soon be adding award-winning olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the lineup. You won’t get a jar of processed mayonnaise from Wintergreen, but you will get fresh and wholesome food that is non-GMO and only days from the farmer’s field. It is like having a farmers’ market come to you. The other benefit that Wintergreen offers is that of size. There are weekly/biweekly box options for single people, couples or enough for a whole family.

Zeches sees the work of Wintergreen Organics and other local produce providers as a grass roots movement. It is important to her to expose the practices of big agricultural companies and manufacturers that put profits ahead of their customers’ health. And to her, it is personal. After being diagnosed with breast cancer a number of years ago, Zeches decided to forego chemotherapy and radiation and sought healing through food. Her regime was no sugar, no meat, raw foods and she took steps to alkalize the body, realizing that her food was to be her medicine. She notes, “If you understand how the body works, and you’re not eating healthy, you have to know that what you eat is creating the devastation of disease. Food is medicine and you are what you eat.”

With the eye of a designer (another profession in which Zeches used to work), she developed a simple system for ordering online that provides all the needed information clearly, with beautiful pictures of her exquisite produce.

What’s next for Wintergreen Organics? Zeches is working on locating a retail location. But until then, Zeches will keep driving down the road, bringing smiles and nutritious goodness to all she meets.

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