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Rose Wellness

Rose Wellness Provides a Fully Integrative Approach to Wellness and Healing

By Samantha Hudgins

Sushma Hirani, M.D., a board certified family medicine practitioner, has been practicing integrative medicine using the best of conventional and alternative medicine techniques for the past nine years. Last year, she started Rose Wellness Center, an integrative medicine clinic, to expand the scope of the services.

Hirani was motivated to open her practice when working with patients with chronic diseases. She saw a need to focus not only on improving the health of the patients but also improving the quality of their life by guiding them on their journey to optimum wellness.

The team at Rose Wellness treats a multitude of conditions including fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, women’s health issues, allergies and chronic pain. To ensure the best diagnosis, they employ specialty testing including blood and saliva tests and functional digestive tests, when necessary. These specialized tests help measure hormone levels, vitamin and nutrient levels and gut function.

Illness is not the only thing that brings people to Rose Wellness. Preventive health care and health maintenance draw in patients as well. According to Hirani, there are five foundational elements to good health. These are: a well-balanced diet, an efficient digestive system, a good hormone or endocrine balance, a healthy emotional state and regular or adequate body detoxification. These elements are examined and discussed at each appointment to get the best picture of each individual’s health and healing journey.

Rose Wellness follows integrative medicine practices by focusing on the whole person - mind, body and soul - but takes things a step further to include education. The practice’s website contains information on the most common conditions they treat, as well as frequent articles and blog posts on health and wellness. Additionally, free seminars are held every month on a variety of topics. When a patient has what Dr. Hirani refers to as their “Aha! moment”—the moment they finally start to understand why their body is behaving the way it is—the healing process begins automatically because they not only feel empowered, they also have renewed hope. Empowering patients with education also helps strengthen their relationships with patients.

The Rose Wellness team includes other practitioners such as a licensed acupuncturist and a mind-body therapist. Depending on their needs, a patient may use the services of one or more practitioners. The patient-doctor relationship is vital to the practitioners at Rose Wellness. An example of this is seen in the length of time Dr. Hirani sets aside for initial visits; an hour and a half. Patients are shown respect by having appointments with minimal-to-no wait times. This is accomplished through incorporating technology and digitizing most information. For instance, patient forms are e-mailed to be filled out and returned before the appointment.

The use of digital information is something else that sets Rose Wellness apart from other practices. Through the use of a secure patient portal, patients have access to their medical records. A secure email system allows patients to request prescription refills and confidentially contact their doctor at any time of the day. While staff often responds to emails within 24 hours, it can take up to two business days because they take the time to properly research the answers to individual concerns. Patients can call during office hours for quick, personal contact.

Rose Wellness incorporates innovations in traditional medicine, integrative health care and technology to provide the best care to their patients. With a warm and welcoming spacious office they are ready to take on new patients and hope to expand with more physicians and practitioners in the near future.

To connect with Rose Wellness, visit their website at or call 571-520-6699.

May 2020



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