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Belly Love Day

May 31, 2015 07:13PM
Ever notice yourself criticizing, berating or even loathing your belly?  How does it affect you and your experiences in life?  What if you knew that loving your belly would tap into your divine powers? That is what Belly Love Day is all about.  It is the day to celebrate the belly, all it has going for it and its direct connection to the Divine Within.  Belly Love Day takes place on June 21, which is the solstice and Father's Day, so there will be celebration of fathers' bellies, including Father Sun's shining round belly.

At one point in the day, participants gather online to practice Belly Love as a global community.  Participants in Belly Love Day also receive materials to create activities to share with family and/or friends in local gatherings.  Activities include art projects, scavenger hunts, nature adventures, movement practices and recipes.

The day is led by Jen Young, founder of Spitfire Fitness Arts and is a Jen is a fitness educator, yogini, ecstatic dance facilitator, performer and writer. As she discovered the power of sending love to the belly, she understood how this practice could bring healing to so many people.  Ultimately, all of her work is about personal growth through physical movement, creativity, imagination and connection to the natural world. When people have the tools they need to heal and express who they authentically are, the world also heals.

To learn more about Belly Love Day and to sign up for participation, visit


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