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Sushi's Luau Fundraiser

May 31, 2015 06:53PM
It is a party to celebrate life, love and healing for us all, including a dear little cat named Sushi Yoki. This fundraiser will take place from 2 to 6 p.m. on June 21 at Chico’s Pet Depot in Falls Church. There will be lots of fun events and enlightening workshops. The community is coming together to continue helping assist Sushi, who has become a little marvel and inspiration for many other pet owners.

His journey started on April 1 when he was found—collapsed and unresponsive. He was taken to the hospital and was placed on a mechanical ventilator, during which time he arrested twice. Several exams were conducted, including an MRI that revealed that he had abnormal areas and lesions on his brain. At that point, the veterinarians entertained two possibilities; either brain cancer or an infection. After two blood transfusions, eight days on life support, two weeks on oxygen and 30 days in the ICU, Sushi went home.

Sushi gained almost all motor function back. His extraordinary recovery has puzzled the doctors, but not those that believe in something beyond traditional medicine. The spiritual support that Sushi received, combined with the holistic treatments, made the difference on his recovery.

Join Sushi’s supporters and learn more about his case and how you can improve your pet’s quality life with natural remedies and spiritual healing. In addition to the workshops, there will be hula dancers, a live and silent auction, a pet fashion show, vegan snacks and other refreshments.

Location: Chico’s Pet Depot, Barcroft Plaza, 6349 A Columbia Pk., Falls Church. For more information, visit


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