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Healing Gateway

by Sam Hudgins

Sherry Dmytrewycz has always had an interest in the metaphysical. In fact, her journey to becoming an energy healer began by operating a camera for a local metaphysical television show. While on set, several of the show’s guests asked if she was a healer. When Dmytrewycz would reply “no,” the response always seemed to be, “Well you should be.” Finally, Dmytrewycz relented, telling herself, “If this is what I am meant to do, then send me a teacher.” Within two days, a flyer for energy healing classes arrived in Dmytrewycz’s mailbox and she began her education.

Today, Dmytrewycz is the sole proprietor of Healing Gateway, where she performs energy healing for adults, children and pets as well as space clearing. Energy healing supports any medical healing but has a stronger focus on emotions. It also dabbles a bit in nutrition and holistic healing, including essential oils and tuning forks.

A typical session with Dmytrewycz is about two hours long, much longer than others in her field. The first few minutes are spent sharing what the client wants to have healed as well as their medical and family history, including major surgeries they have undergone and medications they are on. Sharing this information is important, as it tells Dmytrewycz things to check on and tells the Universe what they want to heal.

This is followed by about an hour and a half of energy work. The session ends with Dmytrewycz teaching her client 10 things so that they can continue to heal themselves. She included this in her sessions when she felt people were continuously returning to her to “get energy to do things the way they always have and not really participating in their healing.”

Of the 10 things Dmytrewycz teaches her clients, the two she feels are the most basic and important to decreasing stress and increasing health are: grounding and brain balance. Dmytrewycz describes the benefits of grounding as “bringing in the energy of the Earth to feed your chakras (the centers of spiritual power in the body), which, in turn, feeds all of your organs and glands to keep you healthy.”

Brain balancing is using both the left and right side of the brain to make better decisions. Each side brings a different point of view to the decision-making process, and having the benefit of both is better. For example, one side is more feminine and the other more masculine. One side sees the whole and the other side sees the individual parts. Though society often describes and accepts a person as either right- or left-brain dominant, being in balance to make more rounded decisions is always better.

As a healer, Dmytrewycz works both hands-on and hands-free with clients depending on the situation. Even though she has had clients drive from as far as New York to see her, distance sessions are also an option. Because she believes that children and pets need to be in a comfortable and familiar environment, she only performs hands-free distance sessions with them.

Dmytrewycz has studied under many master teachers and continues to practice new avenues of energy work as they speak to her. Her latest pursuit is Sacred Flame Holograms, which she finds helpful for a deeper energy healing and has begun to teach others how to use them. She believes in them so much that she even sells them.

Sherry Dmytrewycz can be reached at (703)802-0377 or [email protected]

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