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Pets as Ethical Eaters

Jun 30, 2015 11:27PM
by Kim Hawkins

More and more consumers are making life choices to become "ethical eaters".  Ethical eaters strive to choose foods that minimize harm and are protective of the environment, consumers, farmers and all those involved in food production and distribution.

Educated consumers are growing in number and taking a stand against factory farming—choosing to eat as an ethical eater, but what about pets?  How can they be ethical eaters when so much of the food in the pet food industry comes from factory farms and feed lots?

Finally, the answer is here. Open Farm is a family-run business that uses the best ingredients grown and raised by farmers who respect the land they call home and the animals under their care.  The entire farm-to-bowl supply chain is certified by third party organizations specializing in humane animal care and sustainable farming practices to give pet owners piece of mind.

Poultry, cows and pigs are raised without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones. Fish is always ocean caught, meaning they have consumed a natural and antibiotic-free diet.  Fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers.  Only fresh meat is used instead of meal to ensure the quality of the ingredients.

Availability of wild fish species varies by season, so the fish selection in Catch-Of-The- Day Whitefish and Green Lentil recipe changes regularly. By sourcing ocean caught fish through sustainable methods and best fishing practices, Open Farms ensures that fish have lived natural lives and consumed diets free from antibiotics and artificial feed.  No farmed fish are ever used.

Partner farms are audited and certified in humane animal care by leading third party, nonprofit organizations in the field.  Farms are only used that are certified humane. For more information on Certified Humane practices, visit Farms are required to practice strict standards to also protect air, water and ground quality.

Open Farm is also the first pet food manufacturer in North America to offer a bag recycling program through This service will soon be available locally and provides a free and easy way to recycle bags.

For more information about Open Farm, visit or 

Kim Hawkins is the owner of Howl to the Chief and founder of Rural Dog Rescue.


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