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Let's Hear it for Ginger

Jun 30, 2015 09:17AM
by Laina Poulakos

Many of us have memories of drinking ginger ale to soothe an upset stomach, but ginger is much more than just a soft drink ingredient. It is a spicy root that has been used in teas, cookies, candies and many other dishes for more than 2000 years. Chinese medicine has used ginger’s beneficial properties to help with a variety of health issues. In modern times, ginger ale is a commonly used cure for nausea.

Ginger has an incredible ability to reduce inflammation in the stomach and aid in digestion. Due to its high antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it can boost the immune system, making it especially useful in combating colds and flu. Ginger is also helpful in the treatment of arthritis due its anti-inflammatory properties and can also be applied as a paste to the forehead to treat a headache or migraine.

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it great for treating acne. A facial toner can be made by combining boiled water and ginger root, straining out the ginger root and allowing the solution to cool. To use it, add a few drops of lavender oil and store in a dark glass container in the refrigerator. The toner can be applied daily for clearer skin.

The ginger root can be sliced root and added it to a water bottle, mixed with cinnamon and sugar to top toast or sprinkled into coffee or tea.

Laina Poulakos is a mother of five children and has certifications in aromatherapy and herbology. To schedule a consultation or find out more, call 703-851-0087 or visit


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