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Upcoming Classes for the Raw Food Curious

Jul 01, 2015 01:09AM
The concept of live food is easy— it is the use of raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts and seeds. It is a whole new way of looking at food and the benefits of live food are numerous. Local health educator, Luzy Perez, offers recurring classes to support those seeking to learn more about incorporating raw foods into their diet. The classes, Germinated Seeds and Grains and Growing Sprouts Year-Round on July 26 and August 29 and Healthy Gut with Fermented Food on August 15, are held in Fairfax.

Perez has been taught and certified by the world-renown Hippocrates Health Institute. For more than five years, she has worked with clients from New York to California and adventured around the world studying with indigenous cultures and other teachers, gathering and sharing leading-edge tools for transformation, evolution and vibrant health.

The raw food diet is simply a return to food in its natural state—the food we were meant to eat. Raw food benefits can be as simple as increased energy or as dramatic permanent weight-loss management, beautiful skin and hair, increased energy and stamina, mental clarity and focus, emotional balance, spiritual connection, decreased cravings and healing of ailments such as acne, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, congestion, constipation, diabetes, herpes, infertility, menopausal symptoms, obesity, thyroid problems and ulcerative colitis.

Cost: $40 (if registered 7 days before the class)/$49. Location and times will be shared after registering. To register, call 571-471-2891 or email [email protected]


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