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Meditation Camp

Jul 29, 2015 09:45PM
by Eunice Lee

Rockville Meditation is part of a family of meditation centers around the world, with the main center located in South Korea. In addition to the location in Rockville, there is another Maryland center in Ellicott City and two in Virginia, located in Centerville and Arlington. This is the fundamental program that is open to everyone to reach the ultimate goal of one’s life—to become complete. The entire program consists of seven levels and the center holds guided sessions every day.

The meditation program is open to the public, and everyone regardless of age, gender, occupation, ethnic and cultural background can practice this method of subtraction. Participants note that they leave behind their stress after these guided sessions and come to a place where they live in the true world of everlasting happiness.

In addition to the daily guided meditations at the local centers, special programs such as a youth camp, a teachers training course and a university students' camp are offered. The youth camp is specially designed for elementary, junior high and high school students and takes place each summer and winter vacation for a period of three weeks in the main center in Korea. Meditation youth camp can be an amazing personality development program. More than 16,000 students have participated in the program since 1999. A total of 30 camps have taken place over the years with more and more students from abroad joining the camp.

As a part of the youth camp, a variety of programs are offered, including meditation activities, field trips, club activities and experiential activities, which create the best conditions for the participant’s mind to concentrate on the main feature of this type of meditation—subtraction. Through the youth camp, many children have found a true purpose for their life by recovering their original nature. With this knowledge, they come to appreciate the world and others, and improve their self-esteem, confidence and relationships with family members, teachers and friends.

Also held in the main center in Korea, the meditation teachers’ training course is essential to educators who play a leading role in guiding students. This course is held every summer and winter vacation for a period of one week. Since beginning in July 2002, more than 2,000 teachers have participated in the training course.

The meditation teachers’ training course is a practical program which equips the teacher to provide guidance. One important element in this training brings teachers to understand that all students as equally valuable. With this training, they are able to lead a class more harmoniously and peacefully. The training is good for the teacher as well as the students and many new trainers report that they become happier, more open-minded and more responsible individuals, which in turn positively affects the general class environment and learning capacity for their students.

As for university students, the first camp was held in July 2004 and still continues as a one-week course for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It covers the first level of the meditation program, which enables the students to continue with their meditation afterward upon their discretion. University students, who often have worries and insecurities about their futures, learn to become free from such concerns as they learn the meditation method of discarding.

Now it's your turn to self-reflect by knocking on the door of the center near you.

Eunice Lee is the director of Rockville Meditation, located at 11601 Nebel St., Rockville. For more information, email her at [email protected] or visit


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