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Mother's Nature Store

Jul 29, 2015 09:39PM
By Sam Hudgins

Certified aromatherapist and herbalist, Laina Poulakos found the inspiration for her online store and consulting business, Mother’s Nature Store, through her children. Her journey into aromatherapy and herbal healing began when her son, Ben, was born premature with a chromosomal deletion causing him to be prescribed several medications.

By age 2, Ben was on 12 different medications, and his doctor wanted to add more. Seeing the strain put on her young son and his heart, Poulakos refused the medications, thinking, “there has to be something different, I can’t keep doing this.” She began to look for alternative solutions.

Her search began in a bookstore where Poulakos happened upon the book Healing Remedies by Lydia and Joan Wilen. The book was easy to read, and its suggestions were easy to implement. Instead of an inhaler for asthma, Poulakos used aromatherapy to open her son’s nose and lungs. To fight off constant infections, she pumped up his immune system with garlic, roots and B vitamins. Eventually, Ben was able to come off all his medications.

Poulakos’ final pregnancy provided additional proof that the aromatherapy and herbs were working. Doctors were convinced that there was no hope for the baby to survive, and she should terminate. Instead Poulakos put herself on bed rest and, with a combination of a high protein diet, herbs and aromatherapy, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Poulakos’ interest in herbs and aromatherapy was catapulted into a career when divorce left her a single mother of five children. She earned her certification as an aromatherapist and herbalist from the Didactic and Scientific Professional Clinical Certification and Training Program at Heart of Herbs Herbal School in June 2014. The following September, she opened Mother’s Nature Store, named by her son Ben.

Mother’s Nature Store is an online store featuring products that are entirely handmade by Poulakos. The three types of products sold are soaps, beard oils and aromatherapy balms. The aromatherapy balms can be inhaled directly from the container or rubbed on pulse points to achieve the desired effect. While only the Glow and Zit Zapper balms are made specifically to improve skin complexion, some of the other balms can be used beyond aromatherapy as well. For example, Poulakos explains “the chamomile and lavender used in the Moonbeam balm repair skin irritations, rashes and bruising” as well as encouraging relaxation.

In addition to the products sold online, Poulakos offers consultations and custom aromatherapy blends. The first step for a customer who is interested in consultation is to answer a list of questions via email. Poulakos then arranges for a phone call to discuss the answers and get an understanding of what the customer is looking to improve and their comfort level with herbology and aromatherapy. She will then research and make recommendations on herbs to use or create a custom aromatherapy balm for her customer. She also keeps records of the specific research she has done for her customers’ cases, so that any follow-up requests will not cost as much as the initial consult.

In the future, Poulakos hopes to add diet and nutrition to her consultations. Inspired by her own 130 lb. weight loss, she is working toward her nutrition certification. She says she “wants to help others reach their goals with weight loss and see that it’s not too scary and not too hard.”

To set up a consultation or shop visit The store is currently running a summer sale with prices reduced up to 30% off. To learn more about herbology, aromatherapy and Laina Poulakos visit her blog

 Sam Hudgins is a writing enthusiast and Outreach Director for several Natural Awakenings publications.


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