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Empowered Health For Her Patients: Dr. Piamas Puatrakal

Aug 31, 2015 04:55PM
by Sam Hudgins
Dr. Piamas Puatrakul enjoys helping others as a pharmacist but wanted more interaction with her patients. As she puts it, “I like to be able to see the positive changes I’ve made in people.” With that desire in mind, Puatrakul opened Lotus Health and Healing, a holistic health coaching practice, last July.

As a health empowerment coach, Puatrakul offers a variety of personalized services. The most unique of these is a medication review. Using her background in pharmacy, Puatrakul examines a patient’s medication regimen to determine if there is a more natural approach that can be taken. She will also screen for medication compatibility with herbs as well as the possibility to eliminate unnecessary medications. Patients often utilize the medication review to stop the unwanted side effects medications can have, such as mood swings and weight gain.

Lotus Health and Healing’s main focus is health empowerment through self-love and inner peace. Focusing on those attributes can especially help those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, which is Puatrakul's specialty. Puatrakul does see patients with physical ailments, such as high blood pressure, as well. Her services are offered based on a patient’s medical history and pre-existing conditions.

Puatrakul works with each patient to discover his or her health interests and goals, and creates a personalized plan around those desires. Though she does offer single sessions, Puatrakul prefers to work with individuals for a minimum of three months because it allows patients the necessary time to give them focus and the support to make lifelong changes. During the three-month period, Puatrakul will meet with a patient once a week but is available for support via e-mail at any time.

Each month, Puatrakul offers a limited number of complimentary phone consultations to new patients. To schedule a consultation, a potential patient submits a questionnaire (found under the ‘Free Session’ tab on her website Individuals interested in jump-starting their journey to inner healing can also submit their e-mail on the webpage for a free copy of Puatrakul’s report Three Keys to True Healing. Downloading a copy of the report also signs individuals up to receive bi-weekly newsletters with holistic health tips.

Lotus Health and Healing is located above Knowles Apothecary on Connecticut Avenue. During warm weather months, Puatrakul prefers to take her clients for sessions in gardens and parks, or on the water. This summer, she offers sessions on a sailboat as a special bonus for people who enroll into the program, "90 Day Journey to Inner Peace." “Water is very healing, so it’s nice to be out on the boat and in the water,” Puatrakul asserts.

Puatrakul stays up-to-date on natural medical practices through online courses. She offers lessons in meditation, the mind-body connection, chakras, and herbs as part of her health empowerment coaching. This September, Puatrakul plans to hold a free “Inner Peace” workshop at Dawson’s Market in Rockville.

To schedule a session with Dr. Puatrakul, call 301-760-6924 or visit




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