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Letter From the Publisher

Aug 31, 2015 09:32AM
Dear Friends,

I am writing this a few days shy of my birthday, which, for me, is a combination of joy and dismay. I love any opportunity for a party but know with the joy and laughter comes the inevitable dread that I have ticked up one more year. I don’t feel any older but I do notice a few more wrinkles when I smile and sometimes a slower recovery after a particularly rigorous workout. While there is no real fountain of youth, I appreciate the emerging research on the topic of agelessness, which happens to be our feature article for September. As we see a greater percentage of the population living past the age of 100, it is time to rethink what it means to be “old”.

This research by Dr. Christiane Northrup and others confirms that age is really a state of mind and that if we control our thoughts to remain young, while eating the right foods, doing the right exercises and tending, with care, to our inner lives, we don’t necessarily need to see aging as a long, slow and steady decline. We can remain vigorous, healthy and alert well past the age when we thought we would be “old”.

September is also National Yoga Month and we honor this deep tradition of body and brain work with our new Yoga Directory (that runs through December) and a collection of articles that highlight studios and teachers that provide richness here to the greater D.C. area. Our Yoga Spotlight (along with our cover) showcases local yoga teacher, Nya, who shares her compelling story as a refugee from Ethiopia to becoming one of the most-sought-after yoga teachers in our area.

Not only has yoga found a place in every neighborhood, it has become an important component of local medical practices, such as Casey Health Institute, which uses yoga therapy to support healing for their patients. I encourage you to read about the amazing things they are doing up at Casey Health in this month’s Community Spotlight.

The beauty of yoga is that it offers a wide variety of traditions that appeals to different tastes and styles as well as spots in which to practice. Some like it hot and some like it calm. Some like it in the privacy of their own home with individualized attention, and some prefer to practice amid a sea of people, all sharing the same air and intention.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to practice yoga on board a cruise ship, looking out over the clear green sea and gazing into the infinite blue sky above. The gentle rocking of the ship provided a challenge as I attempted to hold some of the more difficult poses, but it was a memory that will not be soon forgotten and always cherished --- even when I get old.



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