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Knowing Yoga Benefits Is Not Enough

Oct 01, 2015 10:36PM
by Dawn Curtis

We know yoga has many benefits and that is exactly why this article isn’t going to discuss them. Yet knowing the benefits isn’t enough. We can know plenty of things, but making change is harder. Excuses and habits keep us right where we are.

Don’t give up—the process of changing habits is just one part of yoga. As we start to witness our thoughts, we can make better choices. This practice is hard but when ready, acceptance happens, which allows us to suspend our usual responses.

Here are some typical responses to avoiding yoga:

“I don’t have the time or can’t afford it.” We all have responsibilities to be met. A consideration is that you feel you need to block out hours of time or take expensive lessons. Instead, you could practice a few minutes each day or find group classes. However, only you can decide when yoga is important enough to you.

“I am not flexible.” This response may be quite true but will not improve with avoidance. If you want to learn something new, you go to a class and learn from a qualified teacher.

“I’m too tired.” This is an interesting because many others also attend yoga classes, even though they are tired or exhausted. Either way, many people are choosing the wrong style of yoga to help them feel better. The practice should complement your life—so keep exploring different styles.

Dawn Curtis helps those looking to overcome their yoga excuses at East Meets West Yoga Center in Vienna. For more info, visit


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