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The Downside of Dust and the Benefits of a Natural Latex Mattress

Oct 01, 2015 10:25PM
It’s a beautiful day. You brush back the curtains and open windows to enjoy the gentle breeze that glides through your home. Light shines off the dancing dust motes in the air. Those dreamy little particles swirl in sunbeams, catching your glance, and for a moment seem to be performing just for you. But their dance will inevitably end as dust collects in your carpet or under the bed.

Sometimes, dust isn’t so dreamy.

When it comes to the synthetic foams in most sofas and mattresses, the dust those foams produce is dangerous. All foams, natural or synthetic, will degrade over time. The difference is that some off-gas chemical vaporizes directly into the air you breathe. These gases may have a sharp chemical smell or be completely odorless.

Foams also emit tiny dust particles and every time you sit down on your couch or lie on your bed, more of them whoosh into the air. So what’s wrong with a little dust?

Medical researchers say that ordinary house dust particles act like tiny chemical sponges. The compounds in furniture foam are absorbed every day into the dust you and your family breathe in, touch or ingest.  And if that foam contains chemical flame retardants, which most sofas and mattresses do, you may be taking in compounds that have been linked to cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders such as ADHD and autism. This may even lower the IQ in children.

Researchers are alarmed at the proliferation of these toxic compounds. They’re not only accumulating in our bodies, they’ve even been found in Arctic wildlife and they’re especially dangerous to children. Think about a toddler’s sticky fingers and how often they go into their mouths. Research has shown that babies and young children absorb nearly five times as much house dust as adults do, which makes safe foams extremely important in homes with children.

So what can an informed consumer do? One choice is to select mattresses and sofas made with natural latex foam and without chemical flame retardants. Natural latex is made of tree sap. The pure liquid serum of the rubber tree is collected, whipped into froth and baked into sheets of supple latex foam.

Natural latex foam is extremely comfortable, contains no chemical flame retardants or other dangerous compounds that are common in synthetic foams, polyurethanes or blended latex—even in formulas that are part plant oil. Most importantly, it creates a luxurious surface on which to sit or sleep.

For more information about natural latex foam mattresses and sofas, that are luxurious, durable and safe, visit one of the showrooms of Savvy Rest, located in Rockville and Vienna or visit them online at Savvy


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