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Raisins are Rich

Oct 01, 2015 09:58PM
by Tisha Claudia Lim

Although raisins may not look appealing from the outside, these small, dark and wrinkled dried fruits have so many health benefits. Raisins are primarily made from drying up several types of grapes. They are rich in fiber, minerals like potassium and calcium and folic acid, which is crucial in promoting growth. More importantly, raisins are a great source for B-complex vitamins and iron. According to University of California-San Francisco Medical Center, iron is an important element for blood production in our body. Without sufficient iron intake, one would easily feel cold and tired, and this would be even more exhausting especially when the weather is getting colder as the winter months are approaching soon.

There are mainly two types of raisins on the market: golden raisins and regular raisins (dark purple). Regular raisins are more beneficial when it comes to treating anemia and promoting blood circulation. To get the best nutrition out of raisins, choose organic over conventional ones and choose brands that do not have added-sugar. Inexpensive and readily available at almost any supermarket, raisins could be used in almost any recipe. They could be used as toppings on cereal or oatmeal and can be eaten as snacks for a quick energy boost.

Raisins are also excellent as a cooking ingredient. Besides desserts, they are a great complement with salads and could even be added onto fried rice for a more aromatic taste and aesthetic value.


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