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Calming and Soothing Chamomile

Oct 01, 2015 09:51PM
by Laina Poulokas

Chamomile is a small daisy-like flowering plant. It grows aromatic, whole flowers with yellow centers. These flowers are the part of the plant that are typically used for their beneficial properties. Chamomile is helpful in dealing with a variety of ailments, but is especially useful in calming and soothing nervousness.

A tea can be made from the flowers to calm colic in babies. Combine two to three teaspoons of the tea with either juice or water for the baby. Chamomile tea is also great during teething because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Chamomile is often used to calm one’s nerves. It is useful in easing anxiety and tension. Before a stressful situation, drinking a cup of chamomile tea can help to relieve stress. A cup before bed can also help provide a more restful sleep.

Many mothers have used chamomile for their families and have always found it to be quite useful. Even children who struggle with ADHD can benefit from this tea and bring it with them in a thermos for an iced tea at lunch. Children know when they are starting to become fidgety or distracted and can take a few sips to calm down.

Chamomile tea in a staple in many pantries because it has antiseptic properties and can be useful when suffering from a cold or other illness. Its calming affect can help one to rest. However, if you suffer from hay fever, you may be sensitive to chamomile, so use it with care.

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