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Holistic Pet Care Options Expanding for Metro Region

Oct 01, 2015 11:42AM
A serious health diagnosis for your family pet, such as cancer, a neurological condition or liver disease, can be devastating. Fortunately, for pet owners living in the D.C. metropolitan region, the availability and quality of specialty veterinary care is top-notch. For those pet owners interested in and desiring to integrate holistic care into the treatment plan for their dog or cat, the options and availability continue to grow and expand. Jordan Kocen, DVM, CVA, a local veterinarian practicing Chinese medicine and homeopathy, opened the Veterinary Holistic Center in September, in North Springfield.

The first of its kind in Northern Virginia, the center is home to a team of 10 clinical associates and four local trainers, offering acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, chiropractic care and therapeutic massage, as well as training classes. “Holistic veterinary care can be beneficial in treating a variety of conditions in dogs and cats,” Kocen explains. “At our new facility, we are now better positioned to offer a full spectrum of options under one roof.”

Six exam rooms, a 1,600 square-foot open space room for workshops and training, dedicated space for an underwater treadmill (planned for the future), and a small retail area comprise this animal and family-friendly space.

“At VHC, we work with you and your regular veterinarian to bring together the best options from Eastern and Western medicine philosophies for your pet,” adds Kocen. “We share the common goals of healing and improving quality of life.”

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