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Finding Words to Express True Wealth

Oct 31, 2015 10:06PM

Something We Truly Owe to Ourselves

by Linda Lang

In the realms of yogic practices, it is not uncommon to come face to face with life’s deepest pleasures, as well as life’s most difficult challenges. We turn to our practices to explore everything from the purely physical, to the divine; to explore practical, ordinary aspects of daily life, as well as the extraordinary, life’s great mysteries.

Superficially, what we find is very much a matter of what we are looking for in the first place; and with a deeper approach, we just might discover something novel, something inspirational, something transformative. In seeking the meaning of true wealth, we might identify those things that we most treasure: our health and emotional well-being; our families and friendships; our life’s work; our integrity; simple pleasures, all treasures. The inquiry might also reveal that which rests deeply within our hearts, within our faith and our doubt, within those great mysteries, and recognize this, as our true wealth.

We ponder that which gives greatest meaning and value to our lives. An open mind and a desire to inquire beyond (and behind) ordinary thought processes allows us to sense and feel responses as they arise, and expands our awareness.

Given the time, and the desire, one might approach this quest(ion) through guided meditation:

  • Take a comfortable seat. Take your time, simply notice what a treasure it is to be able to create comfort for yourself. Slow down, and acknowledge that the source of this comfort resides within you. A treasure.
  • Sense your next breath, soft and gentle. Honor this as one of the greatest treasures—a moment-to-moment blessing
  • Now soften and feel the breath in this comfortable place, sensing that indeed, you are safe. Allow yourself to experience what it feels like to reside with the breath in a safe space. A safe space that resides within your heart.
  • Breathe in again, this time, a little deeper, and notice that your body will receive this and every breath, willingly and quietly. Notice the stillness at the top of this breath, and the stillness that waits for you when you breathe out. This stillness, too, is a treasure, a blessing.
Count your breath as blessings, along with your loved ones, your friendships. In this meditation acknowledge your efforts to make the world a sweeter place, your desire and ability to give or serve those your love, as well as strangers. Breathe into each thought with compassion and loving-kindness, treasure this.

And now, simply allow these words to move through your awareness:

  • Inner Sanctuary
  • Home
  • Temple of the Soul
  • Inner Light
  • The Divine
  • Loving Presence
  • Peace of Mind
  • Bliss
Imagine each of these words, individually, radiating within a luminous cloud, a cloud as immense as the Universe as we know it. Imagine that each idea expands into a supreme spaciousness, where you can be totally and completely who you are without criticism or judgment, without needing to fix or change anything; where you can be fully and completely who you are.

Within the spaciousness of your heart, no matter what you have suffered, is the immensity of Loving Presence; a sanctuary where you may bring all of your struggles, and always find a peace table, never a battleground.

Imagine that. And now imagine that you could exist within this universe of understanding and acceptance, all of the time. Because, you do.

 True wealth: the ability to find the extraordinary, in the ordinary…

Linda Lang is a Clinical Instructor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the GW School of Medicine and Behavioral Sciences, founder of Therapeutic Yoga of Greater Washington, Director of Yoga Programming at the GW-CIM. You can connect with her at [email protected]


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