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VICTORY! Montgomery County Healthy Lawns Bill Passes

Nov 01, 2015 08:35PM
Last month, the Montgomery County council passed an amended version of Council President George Leventhal’s original protective bill to restrict the nonessential use of toxic lawn pesticides. This makes Montgomery County the first county and largest jurisdiction in the nation to pass such restrictions on county-owned and private property.

Leventhal states, “Property owners have a right to maintain their own property, but they do not have a right to inflict harm upon their neighbors. Residents will still be free to hire any lawn care professional to treat their lawn or to manage their own lawn care, but they can do so now with the confidence that their family will be better protected.” Despite opposition against the bill claiming that landscape jobs may be lost if passed, the groups supporting the bill note that this transition to safe lawn care practices will actually protect those in the landscape industry as the products they use each day will no longer contain harmful pesticides.  Many of the lawn care companies are already equipped to offer these safer services.

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