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Online Meditation Teacher Training

Dec 30, 2015 10:21AM
The Mindfulness Center online Meditation Teacher Training is a 160-hour immersion program that informs the participant through both informational content and experiential practices using podcasts of guided meditations, journaling, scripting and recording your own meditations, along with a library of content rich in information on the science, practice and application of mindfulness in health care and education. This certification program is appropriate for educators, health care providers, social workers, mental health professionals and adults working with adolescents and interested in incorporating mindfulness meditation into a professional setting.

Learning materials provide an overview of the role of mindfulness in education, health care and other community building roles, drawing on both the modern scientific evidence-basis and ancient wisdom. Experiential practice cultivates a deeper self-practice, and builds the foundation for teaching group and one-on-one sessions.

The Mindfulness Center Meditation Teacher Training program is co-sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and offers up to 16 hours of CEUs to therapists and social workers. CEUs are also offered through Yoga Alliance.

The goal of this training is to prepare students of meditation to become teachers of meditation, help to deepen and strengthen the participant’s personal practice and to prepare teachers to be able to relay the experiential qualities of the practice to others. Whereas the meditation student may sit quietly with the struggles of the mind, the teacher knows how to guide the struggling student (and themselves). Resistance is a common encounter in the meditation practice. The teacher knows how to use resistance to create forward momentum.

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