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New Program to Potentially Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Jan 30, 2016 09:56AM
For the sufferers of type 2 diabetes, the potential for a pain-free life of optimal health is limited. Never-ending, ever-complicated “maintaining” of the disease, along with the life-altering problems and dangers that can accompany its progression. Now, the program, 90 Days to Alive, offered by E4, offers new hope.

E4 is the avowed life mission of John Vargas Eddy. E4 is an organization based in the principles of health, ethics, sustainability and spirituality dedicated to sound, alternative, research-based solutions and results for sufferers of chronic diseases with a current focus on reversing type 2 diabetes, with the 90 Days to Alive program.

The program’s list of credentialed professionals include: a Ph.D. and expert in lifestyle medicine with more than 25 years of success in reversing diabetes; an internationally known dietitian who successfully proved diabetes reversal in the Marshall Islands, where over 38 percent of adults have type 2 diabetes; a registered dietician and a board-certified diabetes educator.

“We want to show people they have more viable options than they may know about in dealing with type 2 diabetes, and even reversing it. The program is about healthy, attainable and sustainable results,” says Eddy. The program is a safe, serious, proven alternative to pills and insulin. Among its results is the real possibility of stable blood sugar in 90 days. Current participants have already seen great results, like SL who writes: “In just six weeks I am happy I achieved reversal of diabetes! Lowered total cholesterol over 80 points. Weight loss of 25 pounds.”

For more information, call 415-200-1650 or visit


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