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Holistic and Eco-Friendly Dentistry at its Finest

Jan 31, 2016 10:07PM

Spotlight on Dr. Terry Victor, The DC Dentist

by Yejide Calhoun
Dr. Terry Victor, also renowned as The DC Dentist, is known for providing holistic and biological care, but what does that mean for his patients and the community? In other words, what makes The DC Dentist holistic? It starts first with Victor’s approach to health. In looking at the patients’ overall health, Victor and his team take the time to speak with his patient’s medical doctors in order to keep everyone all on the same page. They use the least invasive treatment and offer healing care through modern modalities, such as herbal supplements and aromatherapy, to ease the anxiety of a fearful patient. They also prescribe medicine based on their patients’ health care needs.

As far as being biological, that is a subset of holistic measures. This means that the materials the staff at The DC Dentist uses are biocompatible with what is already present in the body. They want their patient’s body to accept what they use in the mouth, not reject it, so they are extremely careful with the materials they use. From their herbal toothpaste to their herbal mouth rinse, they use only the best for their patients. Many people don’t realize the adverse effects of having metal fillings in their mouth, but at The DC Dentist, this is of paramount concern.

They also work to protect the community with an office, located in Capitol Hill, only a few blocks from Eastern Market that was specifically designed to be sustainable and to lessen their carbon footprint. They are thinking about our future of all by using X-ray equipment especially designed to omit the least amount of radiation possible, sky lights throughout the office that lessen the amount of electricity, specially designed flooring to help ease and support the bodies of all staff members, a green roof which lowers the waste water in the sewers and The DC Dentist also uses wind power for utilities. The entire team at The DC Dentist works to provide the best experience possible for all their patients and this care extends to the staff and the community.

Dr. Victor’s education has continued well after his graduation from Howard University’s School of Dentistry. He is an accredited doctor by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and a graduate of the prestigious Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE). Victor’s passion is to give each person that steps through the doors, healthy teeth and gums for life. For that reason he takes pride in expanding his learning and understanding of dentistry and various aspects connected to further be able to help his patients receive the best care he can possibly give. And his effort has been recognized by the community as he was voted Best Dentist by the Washington City Paper in 2014.

The DC Dentist’s commitment to each patient doesn’t end with excellent dental care; their office is committed to providing green and healthy living lifestyles to the extended community, one smile at a time. They offer patients and the community at-large the opportunity to learn about healthy food choices and exercise through their Meatless Monday and Fitness Friday morning classes. The DC Dentist staff takes pride in treating each patient well, looking after the health of the staff as well as the earth we all share.

Location: 509 11th Street SE. For more information, visit

Yejide Calhoun manages public relations and marketing for The DC Dentist. You can reach her at [email protected]


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