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Want to be a Bee-Keeper?

Feb 25, 2016 05:37PM
Azure B LLC is offering three-pound packages of natural-size honeybees that have not been treated with pesticides or pharmaceuticals.  Their expected delivery date is March 26. They guarantee a live queen bee upon delivery and will be offering a weather-appropriate installation demonstration on the delivery date for all that would like to participate.

Azure B LLC is also offering basic training courses for aspiring beekeepers throughout the spring, in Mt. Rainier and White Plains, Maryland. These workshops will provide the basics of beekeeping, including the lingo, equipment and the honeybee life cycle. Participants will learn how to get started and how to perform a basic inspection, seasonal duties and get information about diseases that threaten their existence of their bees. With this workshop, participants will learn how patience and courtesy are better options when dealing with bees than wearing a protective suit. The workshops include classroom sessions and a hands-on session in the apiary.

To place your order for the honeybees or get more information about the classes, visit


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