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Stop Suffering and Learn How to Love Your Liver

Feb 26, 2016 04:44PM
During the spring, many people suffer with mysterious aches and pains, as well as seasonal allergies, and do not understand why. Don't worry – these are not signs of falling apart. This is the liver's way of releasing toxins and cleaning house. Join Andrea Beaman, HHC, AADP, for a live, interactive web-class from her kitchen on March 30 at 12:30 p.m. to get the recipes needed to support liver health.

It's at this time of year that the liver works extra hard at breaking down fat-soluble toxins and sending them on their way to be processed and excreted by the kidneys, bladder and digestive system. But if the liver is overworked, congested or simply not feeling up to the task, all of your bodily systems can be negatively impacted.

Astringent foods like lemons, apple cider vinegar and blueberries, as well as powerful herbs like dandelion, nettles, and red clover can support your liver as it prepares for its annual spring cleaning.

In this interactive class, participants will discover the best foods and herbal remedies, plus a liver cleanse that can help the body naturally detox without all the discomfort. This interactive class will be streaming from Beaman’s kitchen to your computer.

To learn more go to and click on Detoxing Your Liver.


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