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Reconnecting With Your Body

Feb 29, 2016 09:41PM

A Spotlight on Health Coach Andrea Beaman

by Sam Hudgins
Twenty years ago, Andrea Beaman received a medical diagnosis that changed her life and began her career as a holistic health coach, organic chef, author and motivational speaker. She was told by her doctor that she had a goiter and hyperthyroidism which required immediate radiation therapy to treat. Recalling her mother’s battle with breast cancer and the radiation she was given unsuccessfully, Beaman refused to accept radioactive iodine as her only option. She also remembered how starting a macrobiotic diet had given her mother back some of the vitality that cancer and radiation had stolen. With these memories at the forefront of her mind, she walked out of the doctor’s office and began her new lifestyle.

Beaman started by changing her diet. She ate a macrobiotic diet filled with whole grains, beans, fruit and little-to-no-processed food. As her diet changed, her body followed suit—she lost weight, slept better, felt better and most importantly her goiter shrank. Two years later, her goiter had disappeared entirely and her thyroid normalized.

Beaman’s journey with diet cemented her belief in the healing power of food, but she also points out food is just one level in healing. “Food heals the physical body, but there is also the emotional body, the energetic body and the spiritual body which need to be observed so we can better understand how our whole body functions.” To get the best understanding of the body as a whole, Beaman continues to study energy medicine, herbalism, shamanism and more, adding a variety of tools for healing to her repertoire.

Clients come to Beaman from all over the globe for holistic health coaching and healing. Her approach takes into account two main components when crafting a diet and lifestyle for a client. First, either through Skype or over the phone, she notes their physical appearance on metrics such as pallor, muscle mass, gender or even how their voice sounds to determine their bioidentical needs.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, she uses their location to determine which foods they should be eating throughout the year. According to Beaman, eating local isn’t just about eating foods that are locally available but eating foods that make seasonal sense as well. For example, eating a mango during a snowstorm, while healthy, is a cooling fruit and will cause your body a small shock when it then encounters the cold weather. A better choice would be a warming soup or stew.

While Beaman prefers to work with clients on all levels, she acknowledges that some are only comfortable to start on the physical level. She is happy to start with diet and patiently wait until they are ready to take things further. “The ultimate goal for me is to have the person understand themselves better, so that they can keep moving forward regardless of whether or not they’re meeting with me—meaning they’re more self-reliant,” Beaman states.

In addition to health coaching, Beaman also moves clients toward self-reliance through interactive online cooking classes. In March, she’ll be teaching a cooking class on supporting the liver. She points out, “This is the perfect time of year for it because we’re coming into spring and everyone will want to be doing liver cleanses.”

Beaman has penned four books. Her most recent is entitled Happy Healthy Thyroid, The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally. While this book focuses solely on the thyroid, she has ideas for a book on whole-body healing which she hopes to come to fruition in the next two years.

Connect with Andrea Beaman on her website or through social media. 

Sam Hudgins is a writing enthusiast and outreach director for  Natural Awakenings DC.


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