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Healing from Lead Poisoning: Good News for Flint & Others

Feb 29, 2016 04:21PM

by Charles Gant, M.D., Ph.D.

The Flint, Michigan lead-poisoning crisis brings a serious health problem to the foreground which had been brewing for decades in many American cities. Lead poisoning and toxic metal poisoning in general is a causal factor in a wide range of psychiatric and medical problems. It is well-known to lower IQ scores, impair neuropsychological function, adversely affect behavior, cause ADHD and other childhood spectrum disorders like autism, stunt physical growth and raise blood pressure. The blessing of the recent lead toxic water crises in places like Flint and Sebring, Ohio, is that many more people will be seeking out how to reverse the disabilities it has caused.

In many cities, significant progress has been made in the important first step, which is eliminating contact with lead, whether through providing uncontaminated water, or cleaning up lead from living environments. For example, if a doctor detects high lead levels in a patient’s laboratory tests, they can refer the patient to an organization like Lead Safe Washington in the District, which assists residents in remediating lead contamination from paint and soil.

Now that headway is being made to eliminate exposure to lead, the question has become—how do we heal the bodies and brains that have been damaged by it?

Unfortunately, many healthcare practitioners are not aware that damage from lead poisoning is reversible. To learn how this is possible, the details can be found at As the appropriate actions are being taken to remove the lead, residents affected by toxic water may to need to take matters into their own hands, apply the advice given here, regularly check lead levels or seek out an experienced, integrative medicine healthcare provider who does this kind of work.

Many clinicians in the integrative, functional and precision medicine community routinely detoxify lead in their patients, and witness the disappearance of symptoms and significant improvements in symptoms of lead-caused medical and psychiatric disorders as a result of their treatments.

The removal of lead and other toxicants from the body is best done in stages, gradually increasing the rates of excretion (output). If we try to detoxify too aggressively, some of the toxic substances get pulled inward instead of being excreted, which causes even greater problems, especially for the brain. This is why some medications used for lead poisoning, like DMSA, may not be the safest choice.

For lead and many other toxic substances, the key to excretion is their biochemical “love affair” with Sulphur. Since these substances naturally bind to sulfur, excretion will naturally increase with even simple activities such as soaking in hot Epsom salt baths, and adding gentle Sulphur containing foods like sea vegetables to the diet. Eventually the body will be ready for significant intake of stronger Sulphur foods like broccoli, onions and garlic, and common Sulfur supplements like MSM and vitamin C. Anti-oxidants can also play an important role, as can glutathione.

There are many elements to consider in safely and effectively detoxifying lead and other heavy metals from the body. The Flint water problem could be a wake-up call, because the lead poisoning problem is not isolated to just that community. If enough people can apply the information presented here, perhaps we can begin a national dialogue to turn this tragedy into a blessing.

To access a full explanation and protocol for each stage of detoxification as well as learn about why genetic considerations are important in order for some people to heal from lead toxicity, visit LeadPoisoning.Solutions.

Dr. Charles Gant, M.D., Ph.D. has more than 30 years of integrative clinical experience, offering personalized medical care by Precision Medicine. For more information, visit


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