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New Polarity Therapist Joins Fairfax Practice

Mar 29, 2016 09:05PM
Janice M. Johnson, a new practitioner with Neck, Back and Beyond Wellness Center, in Fairfax, is introducing the latest Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy into the Northern Virginia area. Johnson is a lifestyle consultant with Swiss Bionic Solutions MRS 2000 (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) and a polarity therapy practitioner.

Polarity Therapy is hands-on energy bodywork using the Ayurvedic medicine model and Five Element Theory, which includes muscle and structural manipulation, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, holding energetic points to balance the energy flow of fields and currents in the body, special dietary principles, Polarity Yoga and communication facilitation to understand the sources of tension and discover ways to sustain your health. The treatment is individual to the person’s health care need, and strategies are developed for resolving issues causing disease and discomfort.

Since 2008, the Swiss Bionic Solutions MRS 2000 has been the perfect fit for achieving a greater energy balancing system to help assist the body’s natural ability to restore health. We all need the earth’s magnetic field, all life exists in a pulsating magnetic field. The primary feature of this treatment is the Resonance effect of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields in the body. Vibrations or frequencies corresponding with the frequencies of our own cells are transmitted as purposeful information to unhealthy or energy deprived cells which function has been restricted or disturbed. This therapy helps to reduce inflammation and helps to neutralize free radicals.

Location: 10560 Main St., Ste. Ph-1, Fairfax. For more information, visit

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